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Tax Reporting Services

Canadian companies as well as subsidiaries of foreign entities face challenges when it comes to balancing the financial reporting and compliance implications related to local and cross-border tax planning, financing structures, mergers and acquisitions and other complex tax-related transactions. This is where Empire CPA can help! 

Our professional tax team works closely with our clients to ensure their tax reporting obligations are met. In addition, through our affiliation with AGN International, we are able to collaborate with our affiliates across the globe to deliver clients even more value.   

Tax reporting services we provide include: 
  • Identify tax-related risks and opportunities
  • Integrate tax reporting obligations with internal financial reporting and controls
  • Assess and manage compliance risks, such as sales and payroll tax
  • Assist in the development of tax-efficient business strategies

If you’d like to find out how to better manage tax-related risks, and opportunities for your organization, please get in touch with us.

Connect with one of our practice area experts

Connect with one of our practice area experts

Tax Reporting