Corporate Structuring & Reorganizations

As businesses change and evolve over time, the need to reorganize the way a business is structured may change as well. At Empire CPA, we advise clients on a variety of ways to effectively structure a business to suit their needs.  

We work closely with you when examining which structure would be the most tax-effective for your corporation. We look at many different variables such as your business’s current financial situation, objectives for the future, and planning for current and planned tax changes.

Our team of experienced corporate structuring and reorganization experts can provide you with the proper guidance you need. Knowing you have a tax expert who has completed CPA Canada’s In-Depth Tax Course and regularly deals with complex tax matters on a day-to-day basis is someone you want on your side. 

Some of the main reasons for corporate reorganizations include:  
  • Income splitting and income sprinkling
  • Sale of your business
  • Separation of major assets into congruent bundles of assets or sellable companies

If you’d like to find out more about the corporate structuring and reorganization services we provide – and whether they might benefit your organization, please get in touch with us. 

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