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Sometimes, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest tax or financial news, and policy changes that matter to you and your business. Let us provide you with the information, advice and professional insight that matter to you most. Have a read through one of our expertly written blog posts today!

GST on Real Property

GST on Real Property July 17, 2020 Tax Question: How is GST reported and paid on the purchase of taxable Real Property? Facts: For tax

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Combined Tax Rates 2020

Combined Tax Rates 2020 April 10, 2020 Tax Question: What are the combined personal tax rates for 2020 – Federal and British Columbia? Facts: Tax

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Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Registration Process March 5, 2020 Tax Question: What is the trademark registration process? Facts: The first step of any branding strategy, and certainly before

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Attributes of Shares

Attributes of Shares February 20, 2020 Tax Question: What are the attributes of shares and what is their purpose? Facts: Typically, a corporation will authorize

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