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Cross-border Tax Services

With tax rules in Canada and abroad changing constantly, having an experienced cross-border tax advisor by your side navigating Canadian and International tax rules is more important than ever. At Empire CPA, we can help you deal with complex tax matters professionally, in a way that you understand.  

Our cross-border tax team actively monitors the changing tax landscape and can help you be in compliance with your tax obligations and mitigate risks before they arise. 

We provide the following cross-border tax services: 
  • Corporate structures and advice for International companies conducting business in Canada
  • Corporate structures and advice for Canadian companies conducting business in the US
  • Assistance with obtaining a Canadian Business Number and GST/HST number
  • Preparation of Canadian non-resident GST/HST sales tax returns
  • Preparation of Canadian non-resident eCommerce tax returns
  • Registration for Canadian provincial sales taxes
  • The preparation of Canadian province sales tax returns 

If you’d like to find out more about the cross-border tax services we provide – and whether they might benefit you and your organization, please get in touch with us. 

Connect with one of our practice area experts

Connect with one of our practice area experts

Cross-border Tax